Caring for and killing small mammals (University of Florida advice)

The grand circle of life is on display at  the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital. The institution reports that it

Small_Animals… offers the highest quality diagnostic and treatment care for all non-domestic animals, including Florida indigenous wildlife and non-native exotic animals.“
“Our service has exceptional experience and unparalleled facilities for non-domestic mammal medicine. We provide a quiet low stress environment away from cats and dogs for ‘pocket pets’ such as pet rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs.“

Complementing (or alternatively, contrasting with) the above, the University of Florida also provides advice on How to Use Traps to Catch Nuisance Wildlife in Your Yard. Their illustrated guide includes info on how to use :

• Harpoon traps,

• Snap traps,

• Scissor traps,

• Choker loop traps,

• Pincher traps  and

• Conibear traps, [BONUS: Frank Ralph Conibear, inventor of the trap that bears his name]

– all of which are designated as ‘lethal’, and can (as appropriate) be used to kill beavers, gophers, mice, rats and voles etc..

Some Florida regulations :

[1]  The use of conibear traps in Florida is illegal without a permit.

[2] “Any mammal (other than white-tailed deer, black bear, or bats) can be taken on your personal property if it is causing property damage.” (there are special exemptions for bobcats –  go here)