Review of several studies of ‘Yawp’ in China

Walt_Whitman‘Yawp’ is a widespread problem in China.
• Causing problems in fuel cells – see:
Using of the wavelet theory in wiping off the yawp from the fuel cell signals

• negatively impacting power plants – see:
Control Technology and Example on Yawp in Thermo Power Plants

• provoking uncertainty in microwave standards – see:
Analysis of the Uncertainty of Microwave Yawp Standard System

• polluting paint spraying depots – see:
Paint Mist and Yawp Pollution Control of Pipe Spray Paint Section

• leading to court cases – see:
Analysis of the Elements of Civil Liability for Environmental Violations -Taking two cases of yawp infringement for example

• creating difficulties in pump rooms – see:
Synthetic Control on Yawp in Water Pump Room of One Power Plant

• and even invading city districts – see:
Measure and analyze the indoors envinonment gawp [sic] of live distract [sic] in the city

Given its evidently widespread prevalence, has the time arrived for our tolerance of yawp to come to an end?

The photo shows Walt Whitman, who wrote about yawp and untranslatable-ness in his poem 1855 ‘Song of Myself’ :

“I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable,
I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.”