I ‘Heart’ Hunter-Killer Nuke Subs

Heart_Ambush_SmallA giant fading heart might not be the first graphical device to spring to mind if you were tasked with publicly profiling the latest generation of nuclear-powered hunter-killer submarines – but the world’s number two ‘defence contractor’, the UK’s BAE Systems, consider it appropriate  – having published just such a design in the November 2012 issue of Britain’s Energy Coast eMag. [link below]

But why a heart? Perhaps they chose the motif because of the testing phase of the sub’s nuclear reactor, which is :

“ […] conducted in the heart of Barrow-in-Furness in a safe and controlled manner, without the general population being aware of it.” ?

You can read (most of) the full document here : (navigate to page 17 and zoom in). Alternatively, if you’re pushed for time, or wearied by mouse-clicking, Improbable has archived a large version which can be examined here. You may find the text a challenge to read, since it fades into the depths at the bottom of the heart.

QUESTION : There are five more subs in the current Astute series scheduled for construction –  for future publications, what other bodily organs might be appropriate for graphically depicting new nuclear-powered nuclear-armed hunter-killer technology?