A Flying Lizard (extinct) and a Famous Cartoonist (extant)

ScarfiIn answer to the question “How many monofenestratan pterosaurs are named after famous cartoonists?”, Improbable hazards a guess that the answer is :“One”.
Being : Cuspicephalus scarfi which is named (say its describers David Martill and Steve Etches of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Portsmouth, UK) “After artist/cartoonist Gerald Scarfe whose vicious caricatures mostly have very pointy noses. “

A paper describing the creature can be read in full here: ‘A monofenestratan pterosaur from the Kimmeridge Clay Formation (Upper Jurassic, Kimmeridgian) of Dorset, England.’(accepted for publication in Acta Palaeontologica Polonica.)

Note : The images, provided for comparison, depict the ‘nose’ of the animal (based on a partially coherent old fossil) and Gerald Scarfe’s ‘Torydactyl’ (based on Margaret Thatcher).

Supporting info via Gerald Scarfe’s website.