From the mouths of babes: An existential statistic [British]

The UK’s Quarterly Labour Force Survey includes a variable called “resbby — Whether respondent is baby“. The July-September 2011 survey reports that the value of this variable is YES for 228 of the 105488 respondents. Here is the pertinent detail from that report:


Here is that same detail, this time including the full graph:


A year later, in 2012, things had changed slightly: of 99901 respondents, 209 are tallied as being babies, 1688 being tallies as not being babies, and 98004 are tallied as “Does not apply”.

In both years, the people who ran the survey found a remarkable finding: That, in considering most of the labor force members they survey, the basic question “Is the respondent is a baby?” is not worth considering.

(Thanks to investigator José Iparraguirre, Chief Economist of Age UK, for bringing this to our attention.)