Earth’s magnetosphere has a banana current, they say

Comes news of a banana current above us:

Co-author Katus
Co-author Katus

The Magnetospheric Banana Current,” Michael W. Liemohn, Natalia Yu Ganushkina, Roxanne M. Katus, Darren L. De Zeeuw, Daniel T. Welling, Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, epub February 15, 2013. The authors, at the University of Michigan, reports:

“It is shown that the banana current, a current system in the inner magnetosphere closing entirely within the magnetosphere (i.e., not through the ionosphere or on the magnetopause) but not circumflowing around the Earth, is a regular feature of near-Earth space. Closure options for the eastward asymmetric current on the inside of a localized pressure peak were explored, with the conclusion that the current must close via westward current around the outside of the high pressure region. It is a current that encircles a pressure peak and, therefore, whenever there is a pressure peak in the inner magnetosphere, a banana current exists. If multiple pressure peaks exist in the inner magnetosphere, then multiple banana currents will also coexist.”

(Thanks investigator Tom Gill for bringing this to our attention.)

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