Spotlight on Unusual Research Institutes (part 2 of 2)

Unusual-Research-InstitutesConsiderably less productive than The Central Institute for Questions and Answers in terms of the number of published research papers, but no less intriguing, is the The Malt Whisky Research Centre, Islay, Scotland.

As far as can be determined, The Malt Whisky Research Centre has only produced one scholarly paper – for the journal European Political Science, Volume 7, Number 3, August 2008 , pp. 318-323(6). In which authors R. S. J. Featherstonehaugh and J. S. R. Cholmondeley describe their findings regarding Urban Politics and Sex at Birth

“Science shows that 50 per cent of births in urban areas are male while 50 per cent in rural areas are female, and that this is a universal social pattern. Research on 4,473,559,500 live births in OECD countries, 1950-2000, demonstrates beyond all doubt that the party control of local councils has a statistically significant impact on sex at birth, as well as age at birth, sex of mother, and whether Lloyd George knew the mother.”


‘University Challenge’  (Scumbag College vs. Footlights Cambridge)

This concludes the short Improbable series on Unusual Research Institutes.