Spotlight on Unusual Research Institutes (part 1 of 2)

Unusual-Research-InstitutesThe Central Institute for Questions and Answers (affiliated to the University of the Arctic Circle) has produced a swathe of scholarly papers. This one for example, published by the Social Science Research Center, Berlin, in their journal WZB-Mitteilungen, issue 115, March 2007, in which Professor Dr. Dr. I. Q. Besser-Wisser (author of the definitive five-volume History of  the Rice Pudding) presents his ideas regarding The RoWoCo and Flea Theory :Truth Behind the Conspiracy  (scroll to page 75 in the .pdf)

“Wikipedia is a conspiracy of the Chinese government to gradually and slowly insinuate so many lies and untruths into western civilisation that it will eventually collapse, bringing down capitalism with it.”

For more examples of the Institute’s output, see :

The Schartz-Metterclume Method, by Dagobert D. Manteltasche and Otto I.Q. Besser-Wisser (Journal of Theoretical Politics, January 2002 vol. 14 no. 1), or

An Appreciation of the Pioneer of Post-Distanciationalist Politometrics. by Otto I.Q. Besser-Wisser:
(PS: Political Science & Politics,December 1, 1999)


Professor Bruce Bonjcer M.A. (University of West Drayton), presents Intermediate Archaeology – Unit 7

COMING SOON : ‘Spotlight on Unusual Research Institutes’ (part 2 of 2)