Frogs: Trash exits via the bladder

New research about things that get under frogs’s skin, and what can happen to those things:

Removing the rubbish: frogs eliminate foreign objects from the body cavity through the bladder,” Christopher R. Tracy, Keith A. Christian, Lorrae J. McArthur and C. M. Gienger, Biology Letters. published online 2010. (Thanks to investigator Barry Pinshow for bringing this to our attention.) The authors, at Charles Darwin University, Darwin, NT, Australia, report:

“These observations led us to hypothesize that frogs may have a unique mechanism for eliminating foreign objects from the peritoneal cavity: they are moved into the bladder and then expelled during urination….

“This ability, as well as trans-intestinal expulsion, could lead researchers to draw misleading conclusions about mortality of telemetered individuals assumed to disappear owing to predation. Such incorrect conclusions could be dangerous by leading to inaccurate estimates of population dynamics for population viability models of endangered species.”