Much ado ablaut flim flam

Flim flam gets a wordy going over from Professor Steen Schousboe, of the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies at the University of Copenhagen. His article, entitled “Linguistic flim-flam?” gets down to the nitty gritty of linguistic ‘Reduplication’ – and it’s pell mell chock a block with super duper, hunky dory reduplicative chit chat. There’s no hint of mumbo jumbo or hocus pocus, and it’s certainly not hoity toity, arty farty, wishy washy, or higgledy-piggledy. If there is one eency-weency itsy bitsy niggle-ette it would be that there could be more examples. Where are lubbly jubbly [1], funny money [2], or wimple pimple [3]? In short though, it’s super duper, tip top and ship shape. Quite the bees knees. Okey dokey? See: ‘ Linguistic flim-flam?British and American Studies , vol 14, pp. 275-281. (scroll to page 275 in the .pdf)

Notes :

[1] pleasantly satisfactory
[2] quantative easing
[3] contact dermatitis experienced by nuns.

‘Ablaut’ definition

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