Wild house mouse music

Two studies of wild house mouse music, both from Vienna, the city of music. (The authors are now in various places, though. Possibly so, too, are some of the mice. Co-author Penn is still in Vienna, we believe.)

Spectrographic analyses reveal signals of individuality and kinship in the ultrasonic courtship vocalizations of wild house mice,” Frauke Hoffmann [pictured here], Kerstin Musolf and Dustin J. Penn. Physiology & Behavior (Volume 105, Issue 3, pp. 766-771).


 “Ultrasonic courtship vocalizations in wild house mice: spectrographic analyses,” Frauke Hoffmann, Kerstin Musolf and Dustin J. Penn, Journal of Ethology (Volume 30, Number 1, pp. 173-180).

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