A most busy psychological man in San Diego

Nader Amir, Ph.D. does it all: panic disorder; missing clinical data; psychopathology; suppression of the emotional Stroop effect; increased anxiety; social phobia; methods of thought control; nosology; memory bias, confidence biases; inflated perception; obsessions, compulsions; inhibition of threat; false memory; spider-fearful individuals — and that’s just in the old days, in the 20th century. In the current century he’s become much busier. Now director of the Center for Understanding and Treating Anxiety, in San Diego, Dr. Amir [pictured here] also has a patent application that he filed in 2008.

San Diego State University’s magazine, which is called 360, quotes Dr. Amir as saying “It sounds too simple to be true.”

The Neurobonkers blog writes about the wonders of Dr. Amir:

“Imagine someone patented exposure therapy (one of the basic tools that all psychologists use) and required users of the technique to pay a hefty fee for time limited use. Nader Amir, a researcher from San Diego State University may have done just this to a potentially useful new tool for treating anxiety….”

(Thank to BPS Research Digest for bringing this to our attention.)

BONUS: Dr. Amir showcasing his patients’ anxieties on Fox News, in 2010: