Kitiporn: A New Way to Use Durians

A scientist named Kitiporn has helped develop an innovative way to use durians, a fruit that some people find highly offensive. Details are in the study:

Development of Durian Flour Production,” Ravin Suabkha; Komkit Kitiporn, et al., Proceedings of the 18th Rajamangala Institute of Technology conference: Abstracts, Rajamangala Institute of Technology, Bangkok (Thailand). Research and Development Inst..- Bangkok (Thailand), 2001, pp. 22-23. The authors, at Rajamangala Institute of Technology. Thailand, report:

“Green durian cutter, a green durian slicer and a green durian flour mill were developed. Meanwhily, the production of durian flour from green durian fruit was also studied…. The finding revealed that increasing the sieve diameter decreased the degree of fineness of the durian flour but increasing the capacity of the machine. The suitable speed of the milling with a 1-millimeter diameter sieve was 2930 rpm and the capacity was 26.85 kilograms per hour.”

(Thanks to investigator Mason Porter for indirectly bringing this to our attention.)

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