New book: The Butt Crack of the Tick

The duck guy has a new book — about the butt crack of the tick.

After witnessing ‘the first case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard (duck)‘ and winning an Ig Nobel Prize for his publication documenting that remarkable behavior, Kees Moeliker developed a keen eye for animal oddities. He published most of his subsequent observations, findings and thought in his (bi)weekly column ‘Beest’ [beast] in the leading Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad.

This week marks the launch of his new book, De bilnaad van de teek [The butt crack of the tick], that bundles 115 columns.

In addition to a short, yet revealing look into tick anatomy (and new observations thereof), the book also presents Moelikerian classics such as ‘The strange case of the decapitated canary’ and the (first ever) mouse collected from the Dutch parliament. The parliamentary rodent now lives, in death, in  the collection of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam, of which Kees Moeliker is the curator.

For now, the book exists only in the Dutch language. We shall all see whether and how and how soon The Butt Crack of the Tick translates into other languages.