BONE WARS: The Game of Ruthless Paleontology

Love dinosaurs, or love the men who loved dinosaurs too well, or love games, or love a good fight, or love history? If you love any of those things, you may be predisposed to enjoy the game called Bone Wars. Here is the description given by the game’s inventors:

BONE WARS: The Game of Ruthless Paleontology

In BONE WARS, players take the role of paleontologists during the great “Dinosaur Rush” of the late 19th Century.

Out in the field, fossil hunters must survive natural disasters and attempts by other players to steal and destroy dinosaur bones.

Back at the museum, the conflict continues when the scientists carry their battle to the newspapers and scientific journals as they race to achieve scientific immortality!

Most of the wild events in BONE WARS are based on things which actually happened. Edward Drinker Cope really did mount a elasmosaur’s head on the wrong end of the skeleton, and then tried to buy up and destroy all the copies of the journal describing it. O. C. Marsh really did use his personal fortune to hire away all the best fossil collectors from rivals. And the indestructible Charles Sternberg had to outrun flash floods in western canyons. For a time the personal feud between Cope and Marsh involved everyone from the U.S. Geological Survey to the editors of the New York Herald.

BONE WARS is a fast-paced game for 2 to 4 players ages 10 and up.

Each BONE WARS set contains 4 Paleontologist cards, 33 dinosaur bone cards, and 71 Event cards. Each card features color illustrations by artist Bryant P. Johnson.

BONE WARS was created by our team of biologist Diane A. Kelly and game designer James L. Cambias.