Bushman on Sweets (1): Self-Esteem, Self-Esteem, Self-Esteem, Self-Esteem, Self-Esteem

If you like to read about self-esteem, if self-esteem is a subject of interest to you, if self-esteem is central to your you-ness, Brad J. Bushman [pictured here] and colleagues have a study perhaps worth some moments of your time:

Sweets, Sex, or Self-Esteem? Comparing the Value of Self-Esteem Boosts with Other Pleasant Rewards,” Brad J. Bushman, Scott J. Moeller, Jennifer Crocker. Journal of Personality, epub 2010. The authors, at The Ohio State University and VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherland, explain:

“Many people ascribe great value to self-esteem, but how much value? Do people value self-esteem more than other pleasant activities, such as eating sweets and having sex? Two studies of college students showed that people valued boosts to their self-esteem more than they valued eating a favorite food and engaging in a favorite sexual activity. Study 2 also showed that people valued self-esteem more than they valued drinking alcohol, receiving a paycheck, and seeing a best friend. Both studies found that people who highly valued self-esteem engaged in laboratory tasks to boost their self-esteem.”

BONUS (possibly unrelated, possibly not): The International Council for Self-Esteem