Trouble in magneto paradise (with or without underwear)

This video shows measured evidence from a nasty spat between two manufacturers of tiny amusement magnets (thanks to Cliff Pickover for bringing it to our attention):

The companies are Zen Magnets and Buckeyballs. The video shows a man from Zen responding to a ear-poppingly aggressive message sent to him by Jake Bronstein of the Buckyball company.

Mr. Bronstein is a serial entrepreneur. Felix Salmon, in his Reuters business blog, writes about Mr. Bronstein:

If you want an example of Kickstarter-as-QVC which is extremely likely to fail, look no further than Flint and Tinder. The brainchild of one Jake Bronstein, the idea is to create a new company making boxer shorts in the USA. “It’s about more than underwear,” he says in the video. “It’s about redefining what it means to be Made in America.” … I’m not saying that Bronstein is a fraud, but I am saying that he seems to have little if any manufacturing or retailing experience*, and is going to face an enormous number of unforeseen obstacles before he ever starts selling this product online….

*Update: Jake Bronstein replies in the comments, saying that he does too have manufacturing and retailing experience, as the founder of Buckyballs. (He also says that I could easily have discovered this fact by looking at his profile on Kickstarter; it’s true I missed that link.) His mention of Buckyballs, however, did remind me of this video, where Bronstein left an extremely aggressive and intimidating nastygram message for Zen Magnets, a smaller competitor.

BONUS: Gothamist wrote, in 2009, about some of Mr. Bronstein’s other colorful entrepreneurial activities.

BONUS: Mr. Bronstein’s Wikipedia entry shows further evidence of his broad range of interests.