Stupidity papers called for

In Spring 2013 the scholarly publication parallax is likely to become the very first journal to have had an entire issue devoted to the theme of ‘Stupidity’.

The ‘call for papers’ outlines the theme(s) for potential authors. “We invite papers that respond to stupidity by examining its marginalisation within philosophical practice whilst also encouraging contributors to take seriously the provocation of writing stupidly as a critical practice.”
And challenges too, with the enigmatic question : “Is writing stupidly an impossible project?” The answer to which, with luck, will be revealed this time next year.

Note: Unfortunately, due to an oversight, Improbable failed to notify our readers in due time – the deadline for stupidity submissions having passed, coincidentally or not, on the 1st of April 2012 (April Fool’s Day).

Further resources for stupidity investigators:

• Improbable Research: the laws of human stupidity (The Guardian , 9 April 2012)

• Organization Studies and Stupidity

• Stupid stories and subsequent stupidity

• The Importance of Stupidity

BONUS: The May/June issue of the Annals of Improbable Research will be a special “Randomness versus Stupidity” issue.