How to levitate a hamster, using a magnet

The BBC reports (HT Betsy Devine):

Smurf the hamster gets stuck to cage with magnet

A hamster found itself stuck to the bars of its metal cage in Northamptonshire after chewing a magnet that had fallen off a Spiderman toy.

Kate Meech, of Bugbrooke, near Northampton, returned home from a day out to find the beloved family pet, named Smurf, suspended in mid air….  “We found the hamster in mid air and stuck to the bars. It looked quite gruesome initially. Smurf is “now back to her normal loopy self,” said Mrs Meech. “We couldn’t work out how it had happened and Smurf was in a quite a tangle. “It was then that I saw the outline of something on her cheek that turned out to be the magnet from George’s Spiderman toy.” … The hamster had stashed the magnet inside its cheek and after a few days managed to push it out.

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