Bear safety: What the governor can learn from Troy

Today’s news brings yet another example of someone who has not learned the bear-safety lesson taught by Ig Nobel Prize-winner Troy Hurtubise. The Associated Press reports, from the capital city of the American state of Vermont:

Vermont governor chased by 4 bears in backyard

MONTPELIER — Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin says he was chased and nearly caught by four bears that were raiding his birdfeeders….  Shumlin says he ran out barefoot in an attempt to rescue his birdfeeders. He says one of the bears charged him on the porch. Shumlin tells the Valley News editorial board that Vermont “almost lost the governor.” He says he was within “three feet of getting ‘arrrh.'”

For safety’s sake, the governor could have used the method pioneered by Troy Hurtubise. Mr. Hurtubise was awarded an Ig Nobel Prize in 1998, in the field of safety engineering, for  developing, and personally testing a suit of armor that is impervious to grizzly bears. Here are highlights from a documentary film [REFERENCE: “Project Grizzly“, produced by the “National Film Board of Canada] about Mr. Hurtubise:

BONUS: Also see the book Bear Man: The Troy Hurtubise Saga, by Troy Hurtubise.