The elusive Lippman and his flatulence on paper

Scicurious writes about “the elusive Lippman” and his fairly famous flatulence study. Here’s an excerpt (of the writing about that, not of Lippman‘s study):

…I searched some more, but no one seemed to have the paper. Finally he and I tracked down the elusive Lippman, who is on the Editorial Board of the Annals of Improbable Research. Given that his 1980 paper was titled “Toward a social psychology of flatulence: the interpersonal regulation of natural gas”, I figured this was the right guy….

I was right. Email contact established, Dr. Lippman was kind enough not only to snail mail me the hard copy of the paper (which I will, I promise, scan and produce in PDF for posterity), he also was kind enough to answer many of my questions….

That paper is

Lippman, LG. “Toward a social psychology of flatulence: The interpersonal regulation of natural gas”. Psychology: a Quarterly Journal of Human Behavior, 1980.

The story behind this paper is almost as great at the paper itself….