Gormless? Teens in London, examined

If you’re not a teenager in London and it’s not the late 1990s, and if you’re wondering about the use and usage of certain intensifiers who those where were teenagers in London in the late 1990s, here’s a study to consult:

He was really gormless–She’s bloody crap: Girls, boys and intensifiers,” Anna-Brita-Stenstrom, in Out of corpora: studies in honour of Stig Johansson (edited by Stig Johansson, Hilde Hasselgård, Signe Oksefjell), 1999. The author, at the University of Bergen, reports:

“This paper reports on the intensifiers in teenager talk, the aim of which has been to find out whether girls and boys in London today use the same or different sets of intensifiers.”