A proudly random organization

In Ireland dwells an organization that emphatically, insistently describes itself as being random. They offer this description [presented here only in part]:

RANDOM.ORG is a true random number service that generates randomness via atmospheric noise. This page explains how RANDOM.ORG came about back in 1997 and how it has progressed through different stages to the form it has now.

RANDOM.ORG started during the summer of 1997… The first version of the random number generator was based on a $10 radio receiver from Radio Shack. We had a lot of fun buying that receiver. We knew that many radios, even the cheaper ones, came with noise filters and would only let you listen when you were actually tuned into a station. So when we got to the shop, we explained to the sales guy that we needed the cheapest radio he had, because we wanted our computer to listen to static. He didn’t seem quite convinced about our sanity. We also insisted that he let us try out the radio in the shop so we could check the quality of the noise and verify that the thing really did not have a filter. Amazingly, he let us do this (kudos to Radio Shack; remember, this was a $10 sale) and when we heard the noise, everybody (I think there were three of us in the shop) jumped up and down ecstatically, quickly paid the $10 and left with the radio. We must have seemed pretty crazy….

BONUS: They offer you a gift:  some random audio noise