A look back at the animals, and forward to Dundee

Here’s a video snippet from last year’s University of Dundee show on the Ig Nobel Tour of the UK. As the university describes it:

The Dundee Ig Nobel Show in 2011 opened with a parade of animals from D’Arcy Thompson‘s personal collections. Also featuring a plate of peas (explained later), Prof. Sue Black and Principal Prof. Pete Downes.

We will return to Dundee on Saturday night, March 17, on this year’s Ig Nobel Tour of the UK.

This year’s show will feature Marc Abrahams, wasabi-fume fire alarm inventor Makoto Imai, co-discoverer of fish-fart-communications Ben WilsonSergio Della Sala (who will describe Bulgarian cinema seating in right, mixed, and left handers), and a St. Patrick’s Day Special premiere involving William McGonagall: The modern public premiere of a poem—about Ireland—by Scotland (and maybe the world’s) most beloved bad poet William McGonagall [whose finest bad works were created, premiered and to some extent tolerated in Dundee] This poem has never been published in any book, and almost certainly has not been performed for more than a century, if ever. —TICKETS are available now.