Liverpudlian Valentine’s Day Disco Debacle

Liverpool’s great Valentine Disco Debacle happened in 2008, and is commemorated in a medical journal report:

The University Rollerdisco: An unusual cause of a major incident,” A.J. Highcock, K. Rourke and D. Brown, Injury Extra, volume 39, issue 12, December 2008, Pages 386–388.

“Rollerdisco’s are associated with a high incidence of injury, as is binge drinking. On Valentine’s evening 2008, Liverpool University combined these two venerable pastimes at a student event, without informing local health services. Subsequently, emergency services were overwhelmed with Rollerdisco casualties and a ‘major incident…. The event itself consisted of a newly laminated hall for roller skating, alcoholic drink promotions and a 1980s themed dress code. Certainly the Accident and Emergency Department became a colourful place with variously injured patients in flamboyant dress and in a generally ‘exuberant’ mood. In all, eight patients were admitted (one patient for every 17 min of the disco).”