Milking merry-go-round (you know, for cows)

Rotary milking parlors for cows are just what the name says they are. This video (HT Bug Girl) shows one in action. The action heats up soon after the 1:50 mark, with faster music, and a few sights that verge on milking porn.

Below it is a technical drawing from one of the several rotary milking parlor patent applications on file with the US Patent Office. (This particular one is application #US 2011/0214612 A1, filed on October 28, 2009.)

The application says of this drawing  (and some others not reproduced here): “The storing devices (11, 24, 25) are supported by a supporting mechanism comprising elevating means (20, 22, 30) adapted to move the storing device (11, 24, 25) between an operating position in which the storing device (11, 24, 25) holds at least a part of the parked teat cups (2) at (2) at a higher leaven than the lowest level (3a’) of the upper surface (3a) of the platform unit (3) and a non-operative position in Foreign Application Priority Data which both the storing device (11, 24, 25) and the parked teat cups (2) are located at a lower level than the lowest level (3a’) of the upper surface (3a) of the platform unit (3).”

BONUS: The 1999 Ig Nobel Prize in managed health care was awarded to the late George and Charlotte Blonsky of New York City and San Jose, California, for inventing a device (US Patent #3,216,423) to aid women in giving birth — the woman is strapped onto a circular table, and the table is then rotated at high speed.