Musicology: Cookin’ lobsters

 For the avoidance of doubt (see our recent postBumble Boogie) it should be noted that bees are by no means the only arthropods to feature in popular music themes. (Think : Crustaceans, Mites, Spiders, Vinegaroons &etc.)
A comprehensive list of musically-linked noninsect arthropods can be found in a recent paper by Professor Joseph R. Coelho (Biology Program, Quincy University, US) See: ‘Noninsect Arthropods in Popular Music’ (Insects, 2011, 2, pp. 253-263)

“The occurrence of noninsect arthropods in popular music was examined in order to explore human attitudes toward these species, especially as compared to insects. Crustaceans were the most commonly referenced taxonomic group in artist names, album titles and cover art, followed by spiders and scorpions.”

Further explorations: Professor Coelho maintains his own website with a wealth of ‘BugMusic’ information on the presence of insects in Rock ‘n’ Roll music.