Cat and Mouse – digitised

As anyone who has seen a stick thrown for a dog in the park will know, interspecies play is not that uncommon. But playing with another species via a computerised interface is considerably less prevalent. Strides, if not leaps and bounds towards such interaction have recently been made however . . .

Researchers Frank Noz (Carnegie Mellon University MHCII University of Madeira, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA) And Jinsoo An (Consultant, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA) have between them developed : Cat cat revolution: an interspecies gaming experience,(CHI ’11 Proceedings of the 2011 annual conference on Human factors in computing systems.)

“The Cat Cat Revolution (CCR) is a digital game of cat and mouse that allows cats to participate in play through a species-appropriate interface. The game applies Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) principles to pets and casts pets as participants in the gaming experience.”

“CCR explores how to successfully mediate the human pet play experience through a digital interaction”