He climbed a chimney to see an asteroid

The strange story (stranger still as told here, machine-translated into English by the Chrome browser) of a strange man with a strangely strong desire to see an asteroid, reported (in French) in Est Republicain:

He Wanted to See The Asteroid:  A Madman Stuck on a Chimney

A madman who wanted to see the passage of the asteroid “grazing” the earth from the top of a disused factory chimney Crevéchamps in Meurthe et Moselle got stuck in “altititude” last night in Lorraine.

The young man, named Yoan, guided by an indescribable curiosity, climbed the chimney in the dark, with a backpack and his computer.Unfortunately for him, in his rise to dominate the stars and make the transition from the “asteroid”, he did give rungs of the ladder under his weight. The man found himself a prisoner of his observation site. Impossible indeed down: 5 meters separated him from other levels….

(HT Maryn McKenna)