Change your eye color: 2 methods

Say you want to change the color of your eyes. You might imagine two basic ways of doing it, ways we might call either “scrape” or “paint”. In the first method, you’d remove some of the current color. In the second method you’d apply a new layer of paint, or something akin to it. Here are two patent documents, each from a different inventor, sketching how they’d apply their methods.

1. US patent # 6306127 “Method for alteration of iris pigmentation,” invented by Gregg S. Homer in California. Mr. Homer [who has a company for this, and his company, Stroma Medical, has a web site that contains almost no information] describes:  “A method for altering iris pigmentation in a human, thereby altering perceived iris color of a first iris from a first iris color to a second iris color. The method comprises preselecting one or more than one laser capable of generating one or more than one laser beam which will selectively remove iris pigment of a first preselected pigment color from the first iris, and applying the one or more than one laser beam to the first iris of a first iris color to remove iris pigment of the first preselected pigment color.”

2. US patent application # 12/488,532,”Eye Coloring Systems,” invented by Michael Campion [pictured here] in Arizona, filed Jun 20, 2009. Mr. Campion describes: “A novel system for coloring the sclera of a human eye, including steps of accessing the sclera, drying a portion of the sclera, applying one or more colorants to the dried portion of the sclera, drying the colorant, and closing access to the sclera. The system avoids tattooing, implanting, and corneal modification. Permanent results may be obtained. Colorants may be coatings or stains.” Here’s a technical drawing from Mr. Campion:

(Thanks to investigator Genaro Elia for bringing this to our attention.)

BONUS: An impressively (in some sense) researched (in some sense) video report about Dr. Gregg’s plans. The report is done by what may be a human being (who/that identified him/itself as “Paul F. Villareal”, and who/that reports elsewhere about a radio program, possibly starring him/itself called “The John D. Villarreal Radio Show” ) who apparently works for an outfit called “Conservative New Media”: