The 8 ‘C’s of professor Dull

What are the Eight ‘C’s of Organizational Culture? For answers, turn to professor Dull, at the Center for Public Administration & Policy (CPAP), Virginia Tech, US, whose paper, Leadership and Organizational Culture: Sustaining Dialogue between Practitioners and Scholars is presented in the journal Public Administration Review, Volume 70, Issue 6, pages 857–866, November/December 2010.

“Few topics in the study of contemporary public organizations better illustrate the burdens—and potential benefits—of sustaining dialogue between practitioners and scholars than the interplay between leadership, organizational culture, and public sector performance.” says the professor. His paper examines in detail all eight of the eight ‘C’s, which are :
• Complicated
• Control
• Competence
• Commitments
• Credibility
• Conflict
• Context, and
• Change.
“My hope“ says the professor “ is that this essay prompts students of public administration to embrace the richness and diversity of current thinking about the interplay between leadership and organizational culture.” It can be read in full here:

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