What it takes to read a science journal

It takes more something special to read the online version of the science journal Frontiers in Bioscience. Or so they themselves say.

Investigator Michael Strack visited the journal’s web site, then wrote us this note (why he wrote it to us, rather than to Frontiers in Bioscience, we do not know): “I noticed in the ‘about us’ section of Frontiers in Bioscience that it lists the hardware requirements for browsing their website, including a video camera and CD-ROM. I’m not sure how lacking those might affect one’s browsing experience — but perhaps catastrophically?”

The web site list these specifics:


The minimum system requirements for browsing the journal and the virtual library are as follows:

Computer: A 486 or Pentium PC, with Windows 3.11 or preferably higher. Apple/Macintosh PC with System 6.0 or greater

Hardware: 8Mb or more RAM, video card with 1-2 megabytes of VRAM, video accelerator, video camera, sound card, CD-ROM drive

Frontiers in Bioscience may be far from unique. If your computer lacks either a camera or or a CD-ROM drive, you may be missing vital parts of the experience of reading many, most, or even all web sites. Good luck.