Scary-Sounding Physics Idea, Repulsed

If you like your physics scary-sounding, freighted with impressive phrases and ultimately reassuring, dink deep from this study:

Ruling Out Bosonic Repulsive Dark Matter,” Zachary Slepian and Jeremy Goodman, arXiv:1109.3844v1, September 18, 2011. The authors explain:

“We develop the model first proposed by Goodman (2000) and derive the equation of state at finite temperature. Isothermal spherical halo models indicate a Bose-Einstein condensed core surrounded by a non-degenerate envelope, with an abrupt density drop marking the boundary between the two phases. Comparing this feature with observed rotation curves constrains the collisionality of our model’s DM particle, and Bullet Cluster measurements constrain the scattering cross section. Both ultimately can be cast as constraints on the particle’s mass. We find these two constraints cannot be satisfied simultaneously…”

(HT Rig Gilman)