Memorial for Professor Lipscomb: Saturday, Sept. 10

The memorial event for Professor Lipscomb will happen this Saturday, September 10, at Harvard’s Memorial Church, from 2:00-3:00 pm. Some of Bill’s friends and colleagues (chemical colleagues, musical colleagues, and others, too) will each say a few words about their favorite aspects of the man known lovingly as “The Colonel” (Bill was, among other things, a genuine Kentucky Colonel).

The memorial event will be followed by a gathering to swap stories at the Sheraton Commander hotel.

If you come, we urge you to take photos (or videos) which you’d be willing to share. (At The Colonel’s 90th birthday celebration, last year, almost no one took photos, a lapse for which we are all a little regretful.) Written recollections of the colonel, too are very, very welcome!

You are invited.

Here’s video of one of the Colonel’s final performances, filmed in his home before his 90th birthday:

UPDATE [October 2011]: Jim Lipscomb, Bill’s son, transcribed the memorial talks.