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How can art be created from rubbish? Several explanations are provided in Yao-Kun Lee’s Master’s Thesis (2010) for the National Pingtung University of Education, Taiwan : “The seal of secondary rubbish, The Art of junk”

“This is a study on how to create arts by using of discarded materials. The researcher cares about the problems of rubbish excess and incineration and he re-uses the trashed materials for art works instead of using new materials”

“However, not all the junk is selected as materials for arts. Researcher only uses secondary rubbish. The so-called secondary rubbish is general rubbish except the recycling materials, kitchen waste, excreta or toxic contaminants.”

“Twelve works created, there are ‘Secondary rubbish ?’, ‘Gardener’, ‘Sausage’ [pictured], ‘Pigment’, ‘Transfer’, ‘Always imprisonment’, ‘rubbish fish’, ‘Rebirth of tree’, ‘rubbish earth’, ‘information rubbish’, ‘Not self-protection’, ‘Countdown’.”

The full thesis may be examined here.