First-hand reportage of Altman’s orgasm

This photo, taken by Patti Sapone, appeared in The Star Ledger. The accompanying caption explains:

The volunteer raises her hand to indicate that she is having an orgasim. Dr. Barry Komisaruk, a Rutgers’ based neuroscientist and his team do a brain scan of a 31 year old female volunteer while she masturbates in an MRI machine at the lab in Newark. The purpose of the experiment is to analyze where the stimulation activates the brain.

The article that accompanies the caption (which accompanies the photo) presents further detail, a firsthand account by reporter Mara Altman of her experience as a research subject on this project.

(Thanks to investigator Tamara Boone for bringing this to our attention.)

BONUS: Mara Altman’s video report about Dr. Beverly Whipple, g-spot researcher:

Sexuality expert Beverly Whipple on female sexual research and naming the G spot