Chest hair patterns of white males

Pattern recognition is much-discussed topic in both artificial intelligence and psychology. A 1965 medical study performed pattern recognition on the chest hair of white males:

Variations of the hair patterns of the chest of white males,” Laurel Raymond Setty, Journal of the National Medical Association, vol. 57, no. 3, May 1965, pp. 211–4. The author, at Howard University in Washington, DC, reports:

“The basic hair patterns of the chest of white males have been named and described by the author. They were named on the basis of the areas of the chest on which the coarse hairs occur. They total 15 in number and comprise three series. The types in the pecto-sterno-infradavicular series are: 1) sternal, 2) infraclavicular, 3) sterno-infraclavicular, 4) pectoral, pecto-sternal, 5) pectoinfraclavicular and 6) pecto-sterno-infraclavicular. Those in the circumareolar series are: 1) circumareolar, 2) circumareolo-sternal, 3) circumareoloinfradavicular and 4) circumareolo-sterno-infraclavicular. Finally, those in the circumareolo-pectoral series are: 1) circumareolo-pectoral, 2) circumareolo- pecto-sternal, 3) circumareolo-pectoinfraclavicular and 4) circumareolo-pecto-sternoinfraclavicular.”

The image reproduced here is one of several in the study.