Bad Poems Today in Edinburgh, at 2 pm

Join us today for a historic revelation. at the Edinburgh Science Festival. Our three-part event begins at 2:00 pm.

Newly Discovered Poems by William Topaz McGonagall. This special event begins with a revelation of utterly no importance, but great historical interest: the first modern recital of two more nearly-lost poems by the bad poet William McGonagall. [This is a companion event — Part 2, if you will — to the Special Event that happened in Dundee on March 19.] Details:

  • First, we will gather at the Old Town Bookshop (8 Victoria Street) at 2:00 pm for the reading of the newly discovered poems. Speakers TBA. Then everyone will together recite the ending of McGonagall’s masterpiece, “The Tay Bridge Disaster“. This event is free. There are no tickets. But space is rather limited. If you arrive too late (too late!) to fit inside the bookstore, please stick around [the bookstore readings will last 1/2 hour at most] and join us for the rest of the event, namely:
  • Second, at approximately 2:30 pm, a walk to Greyfriars Kirkyard (map) for a respectful visit to the poet.
  • Finally, we will all retire to the nearby White Hart Inn Pub (34 Grassmarket) (map), where anyone who likes will perform their favorite passage from a McGonagall poem.

Feel free to bring a videocam to help document the event. Feel free, also, to bring peas — but as a reminder of how peas were used when McGonagall himself performed, rather than as a means of actually reviving that aero-legumic usage.

BACKGROUND INFO: The video here shows a reading of one of the recently re-discovered McGonagall poems. Two additional poems will be revealed at the Old Town Bookstore event: