His Pants Filled With Foam

Pants must not be filled with foam, lest bad things happen. That is a possible lesson one could draw from this monograph:

A Sticky Situation…”, J. Hardwicke, S. Azad, and J.K.G. Laitung, Injury Extra, vol. 37, 2006, pp. 34–5. The authors at Royal Preston Hospital, Preston, UK, report [AIR 16:2]:

A 25-year-old man was admitted under our care after referral from a local Accident and Emergency Department. Whilst intoxicated the previous night, the patient had fallen asleep at a friend’s house and was victim to a “practical joke.” He had fallen asleep, fully clothed wearing a pair of tight fitting denim trousers. The prankster found a can of expanding polyurethane foam gap and cavity filler and directed the nozzle into the front of his friend’s trousers. This did not wake the patient and he slept through until the morning when he awoke to find the foam had adhered, expanded and cured to fill any spaces around his groin area. Initial attempts to remove the foam and trousers with soap and water were futile. The majority of the foam was cut away to allow micturition, but a substantial amount had tightly adhered to the penis, scrotum and pubic hair.