New Thai translation of a Japanese Ig book

A book just published in Thailand is a translation (into Thai, from Japanese) of Ranai Kuga’s book (ISBN 978-4484082226) about the Ig Nobel Prizes. (We have heard of Kuga’s book, but have not actually seen a copy.) Here’s a rough machine-translation of a review of the newly published book (ISBN 9789744434371):

Perhaps crazy idea to invite Ig Nobel

Books to read out funny. Reading comprehension passages. And read out the inspiration … the content book is about the prize, “Ignacio Nobel” which means there is a twin, each cover of the Nobel Prize at the Chuan funny Chuan think funny, but hidden with an emphasis on a surprising, even more Eผin. This award will be issued along any distortion, but works off the world, it seems real. And what many people are used to balance or actual use of such briefs • • fart deodorizer proven to swim slower in syrup are swimming in the water or plain truth? • “Gay Bomb” ระเบิดที่ให้ศัตรูกลายเป็นตุ๊ด! • Research on umbilical playful dig • Behavior Survey Khegamoou • หยุดอาการสะอึกให้ชะงัดด้วยการนวดช่องทวาร!

In addition, readers will laugh, kick. To the idea that these completely. Will also know why they hide behind the award. The way to see and practice. This is a shortcut way to reward this challenge.

(Thanks to @Fringer for bringing this to our attention.)