Overheated theory: Central heating -> obesity

The beloved question “why are there more fat people now?” may (or may not) have found an equally lovable explanation. A new study study suggests that central heating is a major cause of people becoming fat:

Could increased time spent in a thermal comfort zone contribute to population increases in obesity?” F. Johnson, A. Mavroggiani, M. Ucci, A. Vidal-Puig, J. Wardle, Obesity Reviews, published online: January 24, 2011. (Thanks to investigator Hector Mendez for bringing this to our attention.) The authors, at University College London and at the University of Cambridge, explain:

“Domestic winter indoor temperatures in the USA, UK and other developed countries appear to be following an upwards trend. This review examines evidence of a causal link between thermal exposures and increases in obesity prevalence, focusing on acute and longer-term biological effects of time spent in thermal comfort compared with mild cold.”

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