Super-prolific professors team up

Super-prolific professors sometimes, like superheroes in comic books and movies, sometimes team up.

Professor Furnham

Prolific British professor Adrian Furnam recently teamed up to produce a blockbuster paper with ultra-prolific American professor David Lester. Professor Furnham then teamed up with up-and-coming prolific professor Martin Voracek to produce another blockbuster.

Here are the new hit papers:

Attitudes toward egg and sperm donation,” David Lester, Adrian Furnham, Salem N., Psychological Reports, 2010 Apr;106(2):579-80. The team reports:
“In a sample of 124 American undergraduate students, approval of egg donation was predicted by age, sex, and Neuroticism scores, while approval of sperm donation was predicted only by age of this sample.”

Independent effects of personality and sex on self-estimated intelligence: evidence from Austria,” Stieger S, Kastner CK, Martin Voracek, von Stumm S, Chamorro-Premuzic T, Adrian Furnham, Psychological Reports, 2010 Oct;107(2):553-63. The team reports:
“self-estimates of intelligence were examined in a sample of 302 Austrian males… being male, emotionally stable, and open to new experiences is likely to result in higher self-estimates”

BONUS: Yes, Professors Lester and Voracek have teamed up with each other, too.

DOUBLE BONUS: A special issue of the Annals of Improbable Research celebrated their rivalry in the days before they joined forces.