Mouse Allergens and the Presence of a Cat

Nature’s game of cat and mouse continues, with a newly discovered twist:

Housing and Allergens: A Pooled Analysis of Nine U.S. Studies,” Jonathan Wilson, Sherry L. Dixon, Patrick Breyss David Jacobs, Gary Adamkiewicz, Ginger L. Chew, Dorr Dearborn, James Krieger, Megan Sandel, and Adam Spanie, Environmental Research, vol. 110, no. 2, February 2010, pp. 189–98. [AIR 16:2] (Thanks to Larry O’Hanlon for bringing this to our attention.) The authors report:

“We pooled… data from nine asthma studies… to identify those housing conditions and occupant behaviors that were associated with clinically significant allergen levels. RESULTS. … mouse allergen was associated with rodent control or signs of rodents and inversely associated with presence of a cat.”