Yet another triumph for Prof. El Naschie

The New York Times reports another triumph for the illustrious Professor Mohamed El Naschie, whom we (and many others) have celebrated in the past:

….But the news that Alexandria University in Egypt had placed 147th on the list [of the world’s top universities, as ranked by Times Higher Education] — just below the University of Birmingham and ahead of such academic powerhouses as Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands (151st) or Georgetown in the United States (164th) — was cause for both celebration and puzzlement….

Phil Baty, deputy editor of Times Higher Education, acknowledged that Alexandria’s surprising prominence was actually due to “the high output from one scholar in one journal” — soon identified on various blogs as Mohamed El Naschie, an Egyptian academic who published over 320 of his own articles in a scientific journal of which he was also the editor. In November 2009, Dr. El Naschie sued the British journal Nature for libel over an article alleging his “apparent misuse of editorial privileges.” The case is still in court.

(Thanks to investigator Ted Tschang for bringing this to our attention.)