Mr. Hinkley’s universe

Mr. Robert Hinkley sent us a letter. In the spirit of exploration, we searched the universe (or a portion thereof) and discovered copies of similar letters. One was published recently in The Daily Review, in Mr. Hinkley’s home town, Towanda, Pennsylvania, USA. Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post received a similar letter from Mr. Hinkley in 2006, which inspired him to interview Mr. Hinkley. The interview begins:

Me: I am considering publicizing your theory in my column.

Robert: You’re the first person ever to call me, and I’ve been sending this out to newspapers since August of 1994.

Me: Great! My only problem is that your theory is a little dense and complicated for normal newspaper readers. So I was wondering if you could summarize it in 20 words or less.

Robert: Twenty words? …

Here is the beginning of our letter from Mr. Hinkley, and an image of the containing envelope, which bears Mr. Hinkley’s distinctively attractive handwriting: