Glowing progress (Herring & Haddock)

Professor Peter Herring is one of the foremost investigators of bioluminescence in fish (and other organisms). He is an honorary professor at the UK’s National Oceanography Centre – though he’s now retired from full-time research.

Other scientists are continuing the work on glowing marine creatures however – for example Professor Steven Haddock of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

Example publications see:

Sex with the lights on? A review of bioluminescent sexual dimorphism in the sea [Herring]

Bioluminescence in the Sea [Haddock]

Correlation of bioluminescence emissions with ventral photophores in the mesopelagic squid Abralia veranyi (Cephalopoda: Enoploteuthidae) [Herring, Widder, Haddock]