On the anonymity of research subjects

The image, which we have now redacted in response to Dr. Bavelas's concern for the anonymity of the research subject.

On September 15, 2010 we blogged about a research study published by Dr. Janet Beavin Bavelas and colleagues. Our blog item included an image that was published on page 12 of that study. Dr. Bavelas has just sent us a note saying:

In your summary of our research on gesture, you include a photo of an experimental participant gesturing.  This individual did NOT give permission for his photo to be on the web. Please remove it immediately.

Janet Bavelas, Ph.D.

We have now redacted the image. You can see the original, unredacted image posted on Dr. Bavelas’s web site.

NOTE: The study is: ‘Gesturing on the telephone: Independent effects of dialogue and visibility’,  published in the Journal of Memory and Language, vol. 58, issue 2, February 2008, pages 495-520