Gaiman, Nakagaki, Davey @ Ig Nobel

Neil GaimanToshiyuki Nakagaki, and Mary Ellen Davey will give the 24/7 Lectures at this year’s Ig Nobel Prize ceremony.

The 24/7 Lectures are a featured part of the evening. Each 24/7 lecturer will explain his or her subject twice:
First, a complete technical description in TWENTY-FOUR (24) SECONDS*, and then a clear summary that anyone can understand, in SEVEN (7) WORDS.

For details, see the ceremony home page.

(* Time limits to be enforced by Mr. John Barrett, the Ig Nobel Referee)

NOTES: The theme of this year’s ceremony is BACTERIA. Approximately 90% of the cells in Mr. Gaiman’s body are bacteria. Professor Nakagaki is a past Ig Nobel Prize winner — he and colleagues were awarded the 2008 Ig Nobel Prize in cognitive science for demonstrating that slime molds can solve puzzles. Dr. Davey was a primary technical adviser for “The Bacteria Opera”, a work that will have its premiere as part of this year’s Ig Nobel ceremony.