I am not a molecule (part 4)

Part 4 – Heat and Work

Libb Thims,“Your human chemistry professor” and founder/organizer of the Institute of Human Thermodynamics (IoHTD) published the first edition of The Journal of Human Thermodynamics back in 2005. Since then, the free-access publication has featured a series of papers “… on thermodynamics and its applications to human life as contributed by accredited researchers, scientists, and writers in this field.“ As an example, see ‘On the Mechanical Equivalent of Heat and Occupation’ from JHT 2008, 4: 1-8.

“In simple term [sic] the work a person does in life is hypothesized to be directly related to the ratio of the transformation of solar heat into human mechanical or mechanistic work.”

The paper explains (in summary) how work (W) is inextricably linked to the molecular structure of chemicals found in the human Central Nervous System (CNS).

“…‘heat’, in the form of gamma ray photons, affects the force of sensory stimulus, as mediated via structural changes in octet rule bonding stabilities of these CNS hydrocarbon molecules, central to the motivating forces of the human molecule, is what transmits the mechanical equivalent of heat in the varieties of occupation, human endeavor, otherwise known as ‘work’.”

If readers would like to suggest ideas for future Journal of Human Thermodynamics articles, the publisher provides this webpage :

In the pipeline so far :
“On the Thermodynamics of Hot or Not”
“On the Chemical Energetics of Being So Full of Life”
“On the Thermodynamics of Cold Sex”
“On Human Enthalpy”
“On the Nature of the Energy Flow in Dissolving Relationships” and
“Whoever said State Functions apply to Systems of Human Molecules?”