I am not a molecule (part 3)

Part 3 – The Human Molecule

Libb Thims,“Your human chemistry professor” and founder/organizer of the Institute of Human Thermodynamics (IoHTD) is author of The Human Molecule “The first full-length book on the history and development of the concept of the human molecule, with focus on its mechanistic function in the 200-year old science of human chemistry, the study of chemical reactions between people…”
Thims applies his Human Molecular Theory to provide explanations for ‘Human Bonding’. Pointing out that “Every variation of human interaction can be formatted or scripted in terms of human chemical reactions between human molecules.” Thus the bonding process between, say, a newly dating human couple, might be expressed as a Human Chemical Bond :

A + B →  A=B
Noting that this approach “…involves a rigorous use of psychology, psychodynamics, evolutionary psychology, quantum mechanics, chemical thermodynamics, quantum electrodynamics, quantum chemistry, particle physics, among other sciences.”

The book is published via Lulu here